~ Student Services ~ 


Teacher3  Griffin

Brighton Elementary School will use the following services as interventions to assist our students in their academic, social, emotional, and physical growth.

 Child Study Evaluation

 Special Education Services-IEP

 Section 504 Plan

 Behavior Intervention Plan

 School Psychologist Testing

 School Social Work Home Visits

 Guidance Services

 Gifted & Talented  Programs

 Speech Services

 Day Treatment Program

 Children In Neglect Services (CHINS)


Student Intervention Programs

Grade 2 SOL Preparation & Junior Achievement Program

Grade 3 NNSY Community Outreach Tutorial Program

Grade 5 SOL Writing PREP Program

Grade 3-6 After-School SOL Intervention Program

Grade 3-6 SES (Supplemental Educational Services) Program


Enrichment Programs

Smart Art, Grades 5-6

Chorus & Band Program, Grades 4-6


Click on the link to see: Brighton's Acceleration & Remediation Programs